Let's attach a navigation system to Dyna

The accessories of trucks more than Toyota Dyna which is an OEM car of Hino, Toyo ace 2t do not have navigation system.
However, an optional article includes "the navigation system of the ridge strike 1DIN type" in Hino Dutro.
As for Toyota not preparing accessories, 24V hopeless things are thought to be a reason in pure navigation system.
However, the LPi Dyna is a 12V specification for a gasoline-powered car base.
The Toyota pure navigation system decided to touch commercial navigation system by the reason of there not being back camera and light, an electric wave beacon VICS unit being too big. But to a new product with back camera.
The navigator whom I chose is "ridge strike MAX2000DZ".
It is a reason to be easy to use even the trucks of the manual transmission such as 5.8 inches of touch panel monitor Sam remote control enough.
It is light, electric wave beacon VICS unit, back camera in it.
Because the instrument panel of Dyna Toyo ace Dutro is 3DIN, I can attach monitor parts and navigation system parts together.